About Freemium

Freemium GmbH was founded in 2011 and is located in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany. With a team of marketing experts, experienced product managers and excellent software developers, Freemium has its sights set on taking over the software market.

Freemium products are premium software tools that put an emphasis on high-quality and user-friendliness with a very direct approach to meeting the needs of our users. Not only is the quality standard of Freemium products very high, all products can be downloaded for free. Freemium offers both new, innovative products as well as established tools.

Combining many years of experience in the software industry and extensive internet "know-how"ž, Freemium can offer software products that meet the exact needs of users. Freemium products are currently produced in-house and are developed by well-versed and experienced developers in order to maintain the high-quality that is engrained in the Freemium mindset.

For example, one of Freemium’s products - Free System Utilities - is designed to optimize your computer, as well as repair and fix problems. Free System Utilities includes features such as registry cleaners, ways to delete temporary files, fixing invalid or broken shortcuts, removing spyware and previously visited sites and relevant data, as well as cleaning up the start menu.

Our Team

Markus Malti - Geschäftsführer

Markus Malti has many years of experience in online marketing and sales, as well as company management in technology and media-based companies. At Freemium, he is in charge of leading the company and business development.

Andreas Breitschopp - CTO

Andreas Breitschopp has many years of experience in software development and consulting. At Freemium, he is now mainly responsible for strategic system planning and the development of new software architecture.

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